What is Advocacy?

Advocacy plays a fundamental role in helping move the Heart and Stroke Foundation towards reaching its vision: Healthy lives free of heart disease and stroke. Together we will make it happen.

At the Foundation, we are making a difference by speaking out on your behalf for public health policies that help build healthier communities and healthier lives. We do this by creating positive shifts in the healthcare / healthy living environment by:

  • mobilizing resources,
  • developing strong and trusted relationships,
  • changing public opinion,
  • educating the public; and
  • favourably influencing government policy.

About Advocacy & Stakeholder Relations

The Heart and Stroke Foundation advocates for policies and programs that promote and improve public and population health initiatives to reduce heart disease and stroke. This means working closely with government, health care providers, other non-profit organizations and industry to raise public awareness and influence public policy change that improve the heart health of British Columbians and close gaps in care.

Through advocacy, we can be an important bridge between policy and decision makers and our constituent groups.

In BC, the Foundation enjoys an enviable position of having positive, constructive and mutually beneficial relationships with stakeholders and partners and as such, continues to work with government on a number of allied initiatives that strategically align with our mission priorities.

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