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Salmon yogurt spread
This snack is sure to hit the spot when hunger strikes.

Cottage cheese stuffed tomatoes
One bite cherry tomatoes make perfect finger foods.

Apple maple cheddar muffins
These are a great little muffin to pack into the kids lunches.

Oatmeal choco-cranberry cookies
These have a soft texture with an addictive taste.

Icy fruit smoothie bowl
This is truly a fun snack that is a twist on ice cream.

Banana maple blueberry muffins
These hearty muffins will make a great start to your day.

Chocolate almond bites
These little nuggets of tastiness are perfect to enjoy with coffee.

Orange-scented London Fog
Try this version with a twist of orange zest.

Grilled turkey strips
Lean protein will help to refuel your energy needs healthfully.

Almond oat bars
The addition of proteins and fats will help revive your body and mind.

Roasted figs with honey
These roasted figs are delicious with a little goat cheese or ricotta.

Banana strawberry muffins
These muffins are full of fresh fruit flavour with a hint of cinnamon.

Maple banana bread
Perfect to tuck into a lunchbox or enjoy after school.

Carrot cookies
Pack them in a little bag for on-the-go treats.

Paprika shrimp and havarti crostini
This unusual appetizer is perfect for a summer evening.

Chunky grilled vegetable guacamole
Enjoy this delicious guacamole as a snack with a few whole grain tortillas.

Grilled cheese sandwich with leek confit
Serve in bite-sized pieces for a deliciously original appetizer.

Zesty bean dip and chips
Take chips and dip to a whole new level.

Savoury pear and cheese scones
These tasty scones are a great snack on the run.

Chipotle chickpea crostini
Chipotle peppers offer up heat and a smoky finish to any dish.

Southwest shrimp cups
Lettuce cups make a perfect help-yourself appetizer.

Dark and gloomy berry smoothie
This gloomy-coloured smoothie makes a perfect spooky Halloween breakfast.

Pumpkin, chocolate and cheddar muffins
These moist muffins deliver the perfect balance of sweet and savoury.

Navy bean hummus
Try this dip instead of mayonnaise in your next sandwich for an extra hit of protein and fibre.

Greek yogurt ranch dip
This dilly lemon dip is great for veggies, salad dressings or served with your favourite fish dish.

Anna Olson’s chilled chai latte
Frothy and refreshing, this is the perfect summer beverage.

Frittata fingers
This bite-size frittata makes the perfect road-trip snack.

Zucchini corn muffins
With a spark of heat from cayenne these muffins are wonderful on their own or alongside a summer salad.

Cucumber raita
Made with yogurt, cucumber and fresh mint, this cooling raita provides the perfect counterbalance to a spicy Indian meal.

Oven-fried potato chips
You can have your potato chips and eat light too!

Pear and lentil muffins
Lentils add a punch of protein and fibre to these delectable baked snacks.

Mini calzones
These make a quick and delicious meal with kid appeal.

Sweet potato fries with Cajun dipping sauce
These veggie favourites get a flavour boost from the dip, with its combo of cool sour cream and fiery pepper.

Warm eggplant dip
This versatile dip is wonderful warm with whole wheat crackers or pita, or made ahead and served at room temperature with your favourite vegetables. You can also serve it up as a side dish.

Cold shrimp rolls
Great holiday appetizers, these rolls are equally good with the peanut dipping sauce or on their own. For a vegetarian option, substitute firm tofu for the shrimp.

Sweet potato chips and dip
Enjoy this easy snack that is full of vitamins and as well as addictive. The chips are as easy as they are delicious, served on their own or with the dip.

Rainy-day spinach dip
Chickpeas, spinach and havarti create a scrumptious dip for veggie sticks or whole-wheat pita chips.

Cold coffee drink
Whipping up a cool coffee drink is easy to do at home and not very expensive. You can enjoy the flavour of coffee right at home in your backyard. If you are used to enjoying your coffee black, you won’t need to sweeten it up. In fact, the vanilla offers up a hint of sweetness – you may not need to use sugar at all.

Turkey bacon sandwich
This is a new favourite! So simple to put together and even easier to eat. Cook the bacon while your bread is in the toaster and slice up the tomato. With a splash of balsamic vinegar, the flavour sings out to be made on a regular morning or lunchtime routine.

Fruidelicious with dip
Everyone loves veggies and dip. With this recipe, even the pickiest of eater will be drawn to fruit served in this way. Start with plain yogurt and add just enough sweetness and spice for the perfect coating for juicy pieces of fruit.

Baked herb pita crisps with roasted carrot dip
Sweet roasted carrots and garlic are enhanced with the deep flavour of vegetable cocktail. Look for the low-sodium varieties in the little cans so you only need to open a small amount at a time. With only 80 mg of sodium per 156 mL, the flavour is big but the sodium is not.

Stuffed Spinning Tomato Tops
Easy enough to prepare with your kids, this recipe has plenty of things for little hands to do. Kids will love lending a hand by dicing the mangoes and cucumbers, shredding the basil or measuring the yogurt. The whole family will love them!

Herbed Dipping Sauce
Make this into a tasty side dish or appetizer by serving with grilled vegetables.

Goat cheese mint bean spread
This creamy spread is delicious served with crisp vegetables. Your guests will enjoy the fresh mint and the tangy subtle flavour of the goat cheese.

Maple blush blender drink
Recipe provided by Dairy Farmers of Canada ©

Café latte steamer
This fun little frothy drink will warm you up on cold, winter days or perk you up on hot, muggy summer days!

Mexican bean dip
Use this dip as a filling for celery, as a dip with raw vegetables or as a sandwich spread along with lettuce, sliced tomato and cucumber inside pita pockets.

Thai chard rolls
Using Swiss chard as a wrap adds essential vitamins and minerals, such as vitamins A, C, K and magnesium. Plus, the large leaf makes it easier to handle than rice paper wrappers.

Tomato and herb sauce
Making your own tomato sauce takes a little effort but it is worth it. The taste is fresh and you can control the sugar, sodium and fat.

Minted green iced tea
This is a very refreshing drink that is sugar-free and very low in calories. Enjoy it instead of sweetened iced tea as a perfect summer beverage.

Cinnamon tortilla chips with blackberry yogurt dip
It is very easy for kids to help prepare this simple snack. Involving children can help them feel a sense of accomplishment and may help picky eaters try new foods.

Refrigerator dill pickles – salt free
These pickles are easy to make and are salt free. Vinegar is the pickling agent and there is no canning involved. These are an excellent accompaniment to sandwiches.

Thai fish cakes
These fish cakes are great for an appetizer or a light lunch. Serve them with a tossed green salad.

Savory jam
This savory jam is a great no-fat, higher fibre alternative to traditional appetizers. Try it on a whole-grain baguette or low-sodium, low-fat rusks. It also tastes great as an accompaniment to pork or turkey.

Hot mulled tea
This tea is perfect on a cold winter night. A great alternative to mulled wine or hot chocolate.

Whole wheat orange ginger scones
These yummy scones are easy to make – no rolling and cutting. They make a perfect accompaniment to a mid-afternoon cup of tea.

Beet hummus
A great alternative to regular hummus. This recipe makes a low calorie snack.

Baked cinnamon pears with oat topping
Makes a great dessert or snack during the day.

Protein bars
These bars are a great alternative to the store-bought protein bar varieties and offer natural rather than processed ingredients. They are portable and fit well with an active lifestyle.

Soft, crumbly cheese.

Whole-wheat naan bread
Whole-wheat flat bread.

Baked whole-wheat samosas
Pastry stuffed with curried potatoes, peas, and spices.

Crab and spinach stuffed mushroom caps
Make these ahead and finish them on the grill as your guests arrive.

Prosciutto wrapped stuffed dates
Bringing a little taste of Italy and the Middle East to start your holidays off with a delicious twist. These are a great starter or a treat to bring to a holiday party. They are simple to make but very impressive.

Tropical California walnut smoothie
This cool, super-charged treat is healthy and delicious, packed with the goodness of mango, walnuts and tofu. Using frozen mango gives the smoothie a thick, rich consistency without the added fat and calories of ice cream.

Make-ahead whole-wheat blueberry pancakes
These pancakes are made with whole-wheat flour and flax for a good source of fibre and some heart-healthy omega-3.

Guacamole with rice crackers
Guacamole with rice crackers.

Grilled corn on the cob with basil, chili and lime
Grilled corn on the cob with basil, chili and lime.

Mmmuesli cookies
These cookies are very easy to make and are much healthier than most store-bought varieties. Take a whole batch to work and brighten everyone's day!



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