What Can I Expect?

As an important part of our Foundation team, volunteers can expect:
  • To be engaged in meaningful assignments
  • To receive appropriate supervision and Role Specific Training
  • To be provided with an adequate workspace and necessary equipment
  • To be recognized for their efforts

Q: How can I become a volunteer for the Heart and Stroke Foundation?

A: To become a Heart and Stroke Foundation Volunteer, please complete our online Volunteer Application Form. Lend your hand to help us reach our mission “Generations Free of Heart Disease and Stroke”.

Q: Are there any Volunteer opportunities in my Community?

A: You can find available volunteer opportunities by going to Current Volunteer Opportunities.

Q: Is there an age requirement to volunteer?

A: We welcome volunteers of all ages, but ask that youth 15 years and younger volunteer under the supervision of a parent, legal guardian, club supervisor teacher. Registration for volunteers 15 years of age and under are not able to apply online. Please email volunteer@hsf.bc.ca for more information. Youth ages 16 to18 are invited to register online with parental or legal guardians permission.

Q: What can I expect once I send my volunteer application form?

A: If an appropriate role is available, A Heart and Stroke Foundation staff or volunteer will contact you and discuss your application. You will be screened and interviewed to ensure a volunteer experience with the Heart and Stroke Foundation will be mutually beneficial. If you are selected for this role there is mandatory paper work to be filled out.

Q: How much time will I be required to commit as a volunteer?

A: As we have a variety of opportunities that take place throughout various times of the year, there can be both short and long term commitments. It could be as little as 4 hours a year to 4 hours a week and most are flexible to your time. Certain roles require training and a specific time commitment due to the nature of the role. When searching for a volunteer opportunity, please review the time commitment outlined in the position description.

Q: What kind of training will I receive?

A: You will receive a general orientation to the Heart and Stroke Foundation and role specific training from a staff person or another volunteer.

Q: Are Internships available?

A: A limited number of Internships are available at the Heart and Stroke Foundation, BC & Yukon. Placement is subject to the needs of the Foundation and the skills, abilities, and interests of the student. Internship applications are accepted year round. To be considered for an intern position, please forward your cover letter and resume to volunteer@hsf.bc.ca. The Heart and Stroke foundation does not provide financial support or housing for Interns.